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Climate in Turkmenistan, the country of the Central Asia is continental, with cold winter and hot summer.

The majority of territory of Turkmenistan is occupied with desert Garagum. In summer temperature can reach 50 ° C. The temperature of coast of the coast Caspian Sea of desert, during the winter period soft, and in summer it is a little hot, but more humid. In the north, in area once occupied Aral Sea, we find Sarykamysh Lake. It is fed by sub-river of the Amudarya River, and as the same of Aral Sea.

Winter is cold in the north of the country while it becomes softer in the centre and in the south. The average temperature of January falls below a freezing point in the north, and in the south it rises approximately to 5/6 ° C. Summer is hot: the daily average temperature in July makes approx. 27/28 ° C in the north and on the coast of the Caspian Sea. In the central regions and in the south it exceeds 30 ° C. The soft climate of the country is in the southwest.  It is less cold winter and less hot, but more humid summer. It is because of marshland which is there, including water areas of the Caspian Sea.

A chain of Kopetdag Mountains is in the south (or Turkmen-streams of hot winds can decrease that leads to fast growth of temperature). Other chain of mountains, Koytendag (or Kugitangtau) is situated in the east of the country. The highest point is in Ayrybaba Mountain. It reaches 3138 metres in height which is the highest in the country. Cold air mass of the Siberian origin, can easily reach the country during the period from April till October, and from November till March.

The capital of the country is the city of Ashgabat. It is situated in the south of the country, in foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. The warm and dry wind blows all year round because of mountains. In spite of the fact that these mountains reach 3000 meters, snow mass seldom happens. Precipitations are hardly more than 200 mm in autumn in Ashgabat.

Winter is not so cold. The average temperature in January is 3 ° C, and it can keep for a long time. Southern winds can raise temperature to 20/25 ° C even in winter period.

The town of Turkmenbashy (the former Krasnovodsk) is at coast of the Caspian Sea, is away from the north. The climate is mild thanks to sea waters.

The average temperature in January is 3,5 °C, but there is also frost. The temperature in July is 28,5 ° and maximum 35 ° C. Take pleasure of breeze of sea air, pleasant and warm sea, and sunburn on the sun; a sound of waves of the Caspian Sea on resort beaches of Avaza. Weather allows to have a rest in Avaza during 7-8 months.

In the extreme north in Dashoguz town (former Tashauz), the average winter temperature is -3.5 ° C, and in July is 28 ° C. Therefore the summer is still hot, and winter is much colder.  Frost reaches approx. -20 /-25 ° C. Precipitations are too little, approx. 100 mm a year.




What should you take with you for guided tour?

Clothes during the winter period: in the city of Ashgabat and other cities of the south-central part of the country: warm clothes, a sweater, a down coat, a scarf from a wind, windcheater / fleece jacket, a fur cap, a scarf, gloves are for warm weather during the winter period. Very warm clothes are necessary for tour to Dashoguz town and to Sarykamysh Lake.

 Clothes during the summer period: the easy clothes loose fitting and made of natural fabric (cotton or linen), a hat from the sun, desert turban, jacket for the evening, and light jacket are for a tour to the Caspian Sea. Light clothes, sun glasses, a hat or a cap as protection from the sun, jacket or light jacket for evening, sport shoes and a sweater for the evening are necessary for tour to the mountains.

We advise women not to put on shorts, miniskirts during mosque visiting. It is necessary to take a scarf or light kerchief for head covering.