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Transport services of travel agency Guneshli Syyahat:

The travel agency “Guneshli Syyahat” assists the tourists in freely booking and purchasing of air tickets on the international and local flights. If you, our dear tourists, wish to purchase tickets from the countries listed below or to cities of Turkmenistan,you can address toTicketing department of travel agency “Guneshli Syyahat”.

Now flights  to the city of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan are from every corner of the world. From following cities in particular:

Almata/KAZAKSTAN (Turkmenistan Airlines), Ankara/TURKEY (Turkmenistan Airlines), Istanbul/TURKEY (Turkmenistan Airlines, Turkish Airlines), Frankfurt/GERMANY (Turkmenistan Airlines, Lufthansa), Bangkok/THAILAND (Turkmenistan Airlines), Birmingham/UNITED KINGDOM (Turkmenistan Airlines), London/UNITED KINGDOM (Turkmenistan Airlines), Dubai/UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Turkmenistan Airlines, Fly Dubai Airlines), Minsk/BELARUS (Turkmenistan Airlines, Belavia Airlines), Moscow/RUSSIA (Turkmenistan Airlines, S7 Airlines), Kazan/RUSSIA (Turkmenistan Airlines), St. Petersburg/RUSSIA (Turkmenistan Airlines), Paris/FRANCE (Turkmenistan Airlines), Beijing/CHINA (Turkmenistan Airlines), Urumchi/CHINA (China Southern Airlines), Amritsar/INDIA (Turkmenistan Airlines), Delhi/INDIA (Turkmenistan Airlines).

Also Turkmen HowaYollary airline carries out periodical flights from the city of Ashgabat to other cities of Turkmenistan, such as Avaza (Turkmenbashi), Balkanabat, Mary, Turkmenabat and Dashoguz.

Turkmen of Howa Yollary airline  carries out the international and local flights by planes Boeing 757-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 777-200.


- The best price and quality parity in the market.

- Convenient flight connection at the airport of Ashgabat.

- Widespread compliance of service onboard with the international standards.

- Punctuality of performance of flights.

- Reliability of state-owned airline. Strict state control of a technical state of aircraft park and qualification of the personnel.

- All-year-round regular flights.

- Possibility of a choice of convenient date of a trip from several flights in a week.

- Possibility to take pets - a dog, a cat, etc.with you in travel 


The travel agency “Guneshli Syyahat” creates condition for travel by train for their tourists. These trains which are under control of the State railway enterprises of Turkmenistan are the trains that were manufactured by the most advanced companies of the world. There are the double and four-berth ccompartments equipped with conditioners and other conveniences.

Such rail runs as Ashgabat-Turkmenabat-Ashgabat, Ashgabat-Amyderya-Ashgabat, Ashgabat-Serhetabat-Ashgabat, Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi (Avaza) - Ashgabat, Ashgabat-Dashoguz-Ashgabat leave daily from the central station of the city of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

Besides, travel agency Guneshli Syyahat offers to the tourists tour on the AC buses, the AC minibuses, on several kinds of AC Jeep 4x4. We offer different kindsof transportation, depending on desire of tourists. 

Travel agency Guneshli Syyahat also provides the VIP transport services.