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“Guneshli Syyahat” GS Travel

Posted 3/10/2017

Welcome to Tour Company  “Guneshli Syyahat”  GS Travel.

Great Silk Road: from the Depth of History to Present with “Guneshli Syyahat” - GS Travel.

Translated from the Turkmen name of the Company "Guneshli Syyahat" - means “The sunny journey”.


We work hard to improve travel journeys and offer quality service, flexible terms and competitive prices. Qualified team of company willing to follow
your tours preferences around Turkmenistan and Central Asia.

Outgoing team department organizes a tour of all areas in the world and provide tour packages including: tickets, visas, transfers, booking hotels, guide.

Experienced staff will provide you all the necessary information about the programs.

The Guneshli Syyahat- By your preferences only.