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-    Before arrival to Turkmenistan do not forget to process the invitation (LOI - letter of invitation) and to have by one an invitation copy;

-    Have by one 2-3 photos for the passport (3x4 size) for registration procedures after arrival to Turkmenistan;

-    Instead of currency in euro or pounds take only US dollars for visa fee, airport fee, and also for personal expenses;

-    For mobile phones or laptops and electric equipment take extension pieces or T-connector of F type as the electric equipment works on sockets of F type in territory of Turkmenistan works on sockets of F type (see the image).

-    In territory of Turkmenistan you can use various services of cell communication. There are two GSM-companies: the first - Altyn Asyr, the second - MTS, both companies give roamings-services. If you use a sim card of these companies, take a mobile phone working on any sim card with you;

-    We ask you to have recipes for medicine which are subject to your regular using;

-    It is desirable for women-tourists to have a scarf, a shawl or etc. for a head covering at visiting of mosques, and so on places;

-    It is desirable for men-tourists to wear long trousers and a shirt or a T-shirt with long sleeves instead of shorts and vests with a short sleeve at visiting of mosques, and so on  places;

-    Tourists-vegetarians or tourists who suffer from allergy to some food or drinks must notify our staffer or the company-partner about it prior to the beginning of travel;

-        climate of Turkmenistan is very hot in summer months, that’s why we ask you to have a hat or a cap, sun glasses, and if there are excursions in your tour to desert, mountains, steppes, we recommend you to take convenient, light and orthopedic footwear