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Combined tour :  Ashgabat - Kow-Ata - Darwaza – Ashgabat

 6 nights / 7 days

1 Day. Ashgabat

Meeting at the Ashgabat International Airport and transfer to hotel.

At 9 am, beginning of the program. Visiting the National Carpet Museum is one of the best in Central Asia, the exposure of the Tekke tribe, Yomud, Sakir and Chodoreille.

Talkuchka Bazaar. At the market you will see the products of the national character - carpets woven from silk and wool yarn from sheep rugs, silver jewelry (earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings), handmade items, musical instruments - commodities and modern appliances.

Russian market - in the center of the city. Known as the "Gulistan", and a two-store indoor market under the open sky, is one of the oldest and largest. In 1972-1982 was built. The Soviet style of Modernism to abstract sculpture, located in the center of the bazaar.

ErtugrulGazi Mosque - The mosque was built of marble, is very similar to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Ethnography - Features of daily life, customs, and culture of Turkmens.

Lunch and Dinner at local café. Overnight at Hotel.

2 Day. Ashgabat

The program starts at 9 am. A visit the residence of the Parthian kings of Nissa fortress (18 km west of the capital in the foothills of the KopetDagh). Archaeological complex consists of two parts, the Old and NewNissa, which is on the southeast side of the village of Bagir nearby.

On the way back, visit the Turkmenbashi Mosque and Mausoleum Ruhy village of Kipchak.

Cultural and entertainment center "Alem" (in translation - "Space")

Monument to the Constitution,

National Historical Museum (contains the main treasures found all over the country. The most interesting expositions are represented in archeology and ethnography departments) in front of the highest flagpole 133 meters height of the country.

Park 10 years of Independence.

Lunch and Dinner at local cafe / Overnight at Hotel

3 Day.  Ashgabat – Kow –Ata – Geokdepe – Ashgabat

A journey starts of visiting Kow-Ata underground lake, which is 90 km from the city of Ashgabat. Translated from the Turkmen language "Kow-Ata" means "Father of the caves." The total length of the cave is 230 meters and its height is 20 m and the width in some places 57 meters. The water in the cave is rich in mineral particles, which have a positive effect on health. The water has a constant temperature of 33-37 ° C.

Next Gokdepe Fortress (Siege Geoktepe), was attacked in December 1880

Mosque of SaparmuratHadzhi was built in the of the defeat in the battle of 1881 year.

Lunch and Dinner at local café / Overnight at Hotel




4 Day. Ashgabat

Beginning at 9 am.

Anau is an archeological and agricultural culture of the Neolithic in the south of Turkmenistan, dated V-IV millennium BC;

The ruins of the mosque SeyitDzhamal al-Din, 12 km southeast of the city of Ashgabat - Mosaic in the form of two dragons, looking at each other at the top of the arch of the mosque;

Museum of Fine Art;

Renaissance Park (Galkinish);

Lunch and Dinner at local café / Overnight at Hotel.

5 Day .  Ashgabat – Darwaza

Hotel check –out and drive to Health Road.  36 kilometers built in 2000 in the foothills of the Kopet Dag to the south of Ashgabat. The trail of health is very popular among residents and guests of Ashgabat. At the highest point of the trail, it offers a panoramic view of Ashgabat and its suburbs.

The trip to Darwazacrater. The crater was formed in 1971, when it detects in the desert underground cavity with natural gas by Soviet geologists. The diameter of sixty meters depth - twenty; Flames soar to a height of 10 to 15 m. On the way visit to the village (aul) Erbent 90 km from the crater.Lunch at "the Turkmen yurt," Introduction to the life in the desert. Excursion.

Dinner at the crater area, overnight in tents near the crater.

6 Day. Darwaza- Ashgabat

After breakfast, at 10 am, a trip to Ashgabat city.  Hotel check in. Relax time. Dinner in local cafe of the city. Overnight at the hotel.

7 Day. Ashgabat airport

Early in the morning, Hotel check out. Transfer to the international airport.