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Tour Historic Monuments of Turkmenistan

 5 nights / 6 days

Historical and cultural monuments are a national treasure of our country. They reflect the history of the Turkmen people and serve as a strong indication of the enormous contribution of our ancestors to the development of world civilization.

The monuments of Ancient Merv, KunyaUrgench and Nisa were included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.UNESCO World Heritage Centre in 1999, 2005 and 2007years.


1 Day.  Ashgabat


Meeting at the international airport. Transfer to the hotel.

After a rest / breakfast, city tour of Ashgabat: Nisa Historical Park, Fort Geoktepe Mosque in Kipchak, Modern architectural structure made of marble,

Cultural and entertainment center, Monument to the Constitution, the Arch of Neutrality,

History Museum, Park 10 years of Independence, Ertogrulgazy Mosque, the Russian market.

Lunch and dinner in the cafe of the city. Overnightatthehotel.


2 Day.   Ashgabat – Annau – Seitjemaletdin  -Abivert - Mary


  Early morning a hotel checkout. Trip to the town of Mary by vehicle from Ashgabat and on the way stop:

  Anau - archeological agricultural Neolithic culture in the south of Turkmenistan, dated V-IV millennium BC;

The ruins of the mosque Seyit Jamal ad-Din, 12 km southeast of the city of Ashgabat - Mosaic in the form of two dragons, looking at each other at the top of the arch of the mosque;

An ancient city Abivert;

Arriving in the city of Mary hotel check in. Relax time.

Dinner at thecafé of acity. Overnight at the hotel.


3 Day. Mary –Merv - Margush

At 9 am, a trip to Merv Historical Park

The story reflects the roots of ancient Merv, transcontinental routes on the Silk Road of the Mediterranean world, Eastern Eurasia. The ancient city of Merv heart flourished oasis, near the river Murghab in ancient times;

Park complex includes - SoltanSanjar Mausoleum, Large and small Kyzkala, two Askhabz Mausoleum, Mausoleum of Mohammed ibnZayed Mosque YusupHamadani, Abdyla Khan;

Drive to Gonur- Depe or Margiana (in the ancient Persian name sounds like Margush) from the hotel, the journey time of 3-30 hours; Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC) - refers to "Oxus civilization." The Bronze Age civilization dating from 2300-1700 BC

4 Day. Mary – Dashoguz

Hotel check out, transfer to the Mary airport.

From Dashoguz city’sairport, drive to the Historical Park - Old Urgench.

Situated in 2,5 km in the south of the modern city KunyaUrgench. 2-30 hours’ drive from the city of Dashoguz; Park includes the ruins of Khorezm capital; part of the Achaemenid city development began with the Achaemenids dynasty and lasted for two thousand years. The complex includes the construction of the park dating from the 12th century BC - Mausoleum TyurabekKhanumKutlugTimur minaret, the mausoleum of Sultan Tekesh, Il Arslan Mausoleum, and Mausoleum Fahr- al-Din Razi, Gate Caravanserai;

Minaret Manuna, we ad-Din Kurba Mausoleum, Sultan Ali Mausoleum, Mosque - the complex of architectural monuments, located in the heart of the new town of Old Urgench;

Lunch at one of the cafes of the city KunyaUrgench.

Back in the city of Dashoguz. Hotel accommodation. Dinner in a city cafe. Overnight at the hotel.

5Day. Dashoguz – Ashgabat

Early morning hotel check out. Transfer to the Dashoguz’s airport.

From Ashgabat’s Airport, visit Tolkuchka market.


Lunch in the cafe of the city.  Hotel check in. Relax time.


Ethnography - Folklore show.


Dinner in a city cafe. Overnight at the hotel.


6 Day.  Ashgabat airport


Hotel check out early morning. Transfer to international airport of Ashgabat city.