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The travel agency «Guneshli Syyahat» offers tour packages for the tourists, who want to visit Turkmenistan.Also the company processes visa and invitations which are obligatory for a trip to Turkmenistan.

Attention! You can choose a tour package from a web site of Travel agency «Guneshli Syyahat» or a tour package which will be organized according to your desire. The travel agency «Guneshli Syyahat» processes only a tourist visa and does not process the visa and the invitation on business or other personal reasons.

All tourists, wishing to visit Turkmenistan, are obliged to receive the visa.

Before you obtain visa the Travel agency «Guneshli Syyahat» processes for tourists the INVITATION (LOI - letter of invitation) which is processed by state structures of Turkmenistan. For processing of LOI it is necessary minimum 5-14 working days. Your time of stay in Turkmenistan is underlinedin the invitation. As the tourist you can stay in Turkmenistan no more than 15 days.

By means of the confirmed and issued INVITATION (LOI) you can obtain visa to Turkmenistan from Embassies and Consular agencies of Turkmenistan in the foreign state. Also by means of the INVITATION (LOI) you can obtain visa on border of Turkmenistan as follows:

Bajigiran / IRAN, Farab / Bukhara / UZBEKISTAN, Shavat / Khiva / UZBEKISTAN, Hojeyli/ Nukus / UZBEKISTAN, Bekdash / Aktau / KAZAKHSTAN, the international airport in the city of Turkmenbashi and in the city of Ashgabat.

You can obtain transit visa to Turkmenistan directly in Embassies and Consular agencies of Turkmenistan in the foreign state.

For processingof INVITATION (LOI) with Travel agency «GuneshliSyjahat»are necessary following documents:

-    Selected and confirmed tourist's-program by you, entrance dates / departure, entrance frontier points / departure in / from Turkmenistan;

-    Full and colour photocopy of page of the passport with a photograph and a bar-code (the passport copy should be high-quality and exact, in an electronic type, not less than 1 Mb);

-    Photo on the passport, taken last six months (the photo should be colour, high-quality and exact, in an electronic type, not less than 1 Mb);

-    Home address of tourist in home country;

-    Name of the higher institution or secondary vocational educational institution of the tourist, a speciality and the location;

-    Job, a city / the country and a post of the tourist.


 Attention! After preparation and confirmation of tour package of the tourist VOUCHER(Travel Pass/Voucher), processedby Travel agency «Guneshli Syyahat» is left on an entrance frontier point of Turkmenistan for 3-4 days prior to the beginning of tourbefore arrival to Turkmenistan.

After tour beginning the foreign tourists arriving to Turkmenistan, are registered by Travel agency «GuneshliSyyahat». Registration procedures take 1-2 working days.

If you want to travel across Turkmenistan with Travel agency «GuneshliSyyahat», we ask you to contact us not later than 14-21 working days prior to prospective date of entrance.